AI-assisted Contract Review,
fully customized for every deal.

With Agni, close your deals on time and deliver a thorough due diligence.

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Deal Dashboard

Get a dashboard with all the
important information in your deal documents collated in one place.

Clause Extraction

Review all occurence of hundreds of clauses in your contract,
so you never miss anything!

Risk Analysis

Verify the litigiousness, market standardness and one-sidedness
of all your clauses.

How it works?

We use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence techniques to help identify important information and risks with high accuracy.

Upload or import your contracts using our document management integrations.

Find smart fields and clauses across all contracts in your deal.

Assign review tasks, and collaborate over contract review.

Export data and risk reports based on your due diligence checklist.

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Add & Track deal-specific information

Our AI-based algorithms learns custom information with minimal data, and performs like an out of the box solution.

Add new metadata or clause with less than 10 examples and get 75+% accuracy.

Rely on Agni's analysis with AI-generated explanations.

Works on all types of contracts across industries and jurisdictions

Agni bypasses OCR to robustly analyze poorly digitized contracts.

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Review your contracts with Agni

We enable legal language intelligence for your firm.

Find information, everytime

Our AI algorithms are
industry-type, contract-type
and language agnostic.

Rely on Agni's accuracy

Get near-perfect accuracy.
Agni works on contracts from
both parties across all industries.

Risk Reports for due diligence

Find litigiousness & market terms
in your clauses, from contracts in
your firm and available in public.

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