Mitigate Contracts Risks. Consistently.

Develop and comply with your pre-approved terms, automatically.

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Create your own company standard digital playbook using your executed contracts, templates and playbooks.


For any new contract, get automated redlines with explanatory comment based on your risk posture


Keep your playbook up to date through change suggestions based on user's implicit feedback

How it works?

We use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence techniques to help identify important information and risks with high accuracy.

Link your Document Management System

Create your acceptable range of language, using your executed contracts

Get automated redlines with expalanatory comments based on your acceptable range, right inside MS Word.

Provides dashboard with risk score and percentage of playbook compliant contracts

Gain complete visibility into your contract risks

Track your playbook compliance using our risk dashboard to help

Identify compliance issues and schedule targeted trainings

Get a seat at the table with business and risk insights for executives

Track consistency in contract negotiation to mitigate litigation risk

Identify high friction negotiation points and inform better starting points

Agni means Fire. We are transformational.

Define and control your risk posture

Standardised first pass and instant application of strategic updates give you control over your organisation's contracting

Identify new opportunities for operational excellence

Impactful innovation by helping create compelling business case and evaluation for taking your legal processes to the next level

Consistency is key

Weather employee turnover and onboard new ones quickly. Negotiate the same and be more confident in your current risk posture

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